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October 2016

Permit ruling

July 2016

Greenidge Permits

Second Water Permit Challenge to Be Heard August 31 in Manhattan

Water Law Seminar Aug. 23, White Plains

June 2016

Waukesha Pipeline Sets Great Lakes Compact Precedent

Closed-Cycle Cooling at New Athens Plant Is Thousands of Times More Efficient than Once-Through Cooling at Astoria Plant

March 2016

Assembly Sponsor Says Water Withdrawal Law Ripe for Revisiting

February 2016

Evaluating Impacts of Bulk Water Sales on the Corning Aquifer

Nestlé Pumps Millions of Gallons for Free while Flint Residents Pay Highest Fees in Country for Poisoned Water

US Supreme Court to Hear First Interstate Groundwater Case

January 2016

Appeals Court Finds Painted Post Water Sales Are Subject to SEQRA Review


December 2015

Former State Legislator Disputes DEC Interpretation of Water Permitting Law

November 2015

Court of Appeals Finds Petitioners Have Standing in Painted Post Case

No Review for IBM Permit to Take 86 MGD from Hudson River

August 2015

Appeal of Queens County Water Permit Decision Filed

No Review for Shuttered Plant's Application to Withdraw 160 MGD from Seneca Lake

April 2015

DEC Speeds Up Water Permit Giveaway

Second Suit Filed Challenging DEC on Water Withdrawal Permits

Draft Hudson River Action Agenda Calls for Reduction of Power Plant Fish Kills


October 2014

Painted Post Case to be Heard by Court of Appeals

Queens Judge Rules against SEQRA Review of Water Withdrawal Permits

April 2014

DEC Continues to Rubber Stamp Water Withdrawal Permit Applications as Objections Mount

Appellate Division Rules Against Petitioners in Painted Post Case

February 2014

Sierra Club and HRFA Challenge DEC on First Water Withdrawal Permit


August 2013

Will 12 NY Power Plants Get Permits this Year for 111% of NY's Total Fresh Water Usage?

DEC Gives Two Weeks to Comment on First Water Withdrawal Application for 1.5 Billion GPD

April 2013

SEQRA Review Required of NY Water Withdrawal Permit Applications

March 2013

Judge Enjoins Painted Post Water Sales

Putting Local Aquifer Protections in Place

Painted Post Water Export Suit Heard March 1


November 2012

Overview of New York's New Water Permitting Regulations

Cuomo's Gift to the Gas Industry: New York's Water Withdrawal Regulations Issued

September 2011

Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit for Full Environmental Review of Gas Drilling in Delaware River Basin

July 2012

Lawsuit Filed against Painted Post Bulk Water Sales for Gas Drilling

May 2012

SRBC Should Put Water Withdrawals for Gas Drilling on Hold

March 2012

Municipal Water Exports for Gas Drilling

February 2012

Court Finds New York's MS4 General Permit Violates the Clean Water Act

January 2012

SRBC Modifies Public Participation Process and Will Reconsider December Actions

Public Comment Period Extended 15 Days for New York's Proposed Water Withdrawal Regulations

New York's Proposed Water Withdrawal Regulations: Unequal Treatment for the Great Lakes Basin

New York Water Law Seminar, Feb. 29, 2012, NYC


December 2011

SRBC Adopts Final Rulemaking on Gas Drilling, Ignores Concerns

DRBC Puts Water Withdrawals for Gas Drilling in New York on Hold

DEC Issues Proposed Water Withdrawal Regulations

November 2011

DRBC Postpones Consideration of Proposed Regulations

DRBC Revises Proposed Water Withdrawal Regs for Gas Drilling

August 2011

New York Water Legislation Signed by Governor

Nonprofits Challenge DRBC Gas Drilling Regulations

Pennsylvania Suit Challenges Discharge of Gas Drilling Wastewater into the Monongahela River

July 2011

Suit Seeks Release of DOE Energy-Water Roadmap

June 2011

NY Water Bills Pass Unanimously

NY AG Sues for Full Environmental Review of Gas Drilling in Delaware River Basin

May 2011

Suit Challenges Hydrofracking in New York State Forests

April 2011

What Protections Are Offered by NY's Pending Water Withdrawal Bills?

March 2011

Private Landowners Granted Right to Challenge EPA’s Clean Water Act “Impaired Waters” Listing Decisions

Permit Systems Entrench Large Water Users

New York Water Withdrawal Bills Advance

January 2011

WI Supreme Court to Address Public Trust Doctrine and Municipal Powers to Adopt Water Ordinances

MI Supreme Court Rules on Water Law and Standing Issues

US Supreme Court to Hear Water Compact Arguments Today

Final NY Forest Plan Allows Hydro-Fracking

Seminar on Natural Resource Damages, Jan. 20-21, Miami

NY Village of Owego Puts Wastewater Sale on Hold

PA Decision on Hydraulic Fracturing and Strict Liability

NY Water Law Blog Launched



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